Labor day 2023: What stores are open and what times during the US federal holiday?

Millions of Americans are marking Labor Day on Monday – a federal holiday honouring the American Labour Movement.

Labor Day is a celebration observed on the first Monday in September which commemorates the social and economic achievements of workers across the country.

The holiday was first celebrated on 5 September 1882 in New York City, according to the US Department of Labor, and has since become an annual event.

To mark the day many people use this time for parties, picnics, parades and barbecues as well as shopping sprees with family and friends.

During this holiday federal offices are closed as well as some of your favourite stores – with some maintaining shorter hours before closing for the day.

Here The Independent outlines which stores and services will be open during the federal holiday:


Costco will be closed for Labor Day with stores due to reopen at 10am on Tuesday.


Walmart will be open for regular business hours on Labor Day from 6am. However, it is best to check your local store by heading to the store’s website.

Home Depot

Home Depot will be open on Labor Day from 8am to 9pm. These hours are noted for all locations but in case of any changes, be sure to check out your local store.

Krispy Kreme

Donut worry! The store that holds rings of glazed goodness will be open from 7am to 10pm for most places. To check the exact timings, be sure to contact your local store or head over to the Krispy Kreme website.

Barnes & Noble

Looking to purchase a new read for Labor Day? Well, the chain’s 600 stores will be open but some will have amended hours. Customers have been advised to check the website to find their local store for more information.

BJ’s Wholesale

If you want to stock up on some essentials, BJ’s will be open with normal operating hours from 8am to 9pm.


Your favourite family friend restaurant Chili’s will be open during normal hours at every location for dine-in, delivery and to-go.


For your dose of chicken goodness, Chick-fil-A will be open on Labor Day, although some restaurants may have limited hours. So be sure to call ahead of time to check with your local restaurant.


Hours may vary from store to store. The store’s Herald Square branch in New York City is due to open at 10am on Monday until 9pm.

Olive Garden

The Italian kitchen that serves mouthwatering dishes will be open during Labor Day, however, opening and closing times differ depending on location.


For all things health and wellness, Walgreens will be open on Labor Day. Most Walgreens locations are open from 8am to 10pm. However, stores may vary by location.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods will be open during regular hours.

Trader Joe’s

Looking for a local grocery shop? Well, Trader Joe’s may just be your stop as it is due to be open regular hours on Labor Day. For most stores, regular opening times will be from 8am to 9pm.


With many summer deals targeting customers, the nation’s most-loved retail store will be open regular business hours during Labor Day from 8am to 10pm.


Creving a coffee or a creamy Frappuccino? Well, you’re in luck because Starbucks is set to open on Labor Day from 10am to 9pm. But it might be best to check your local store in case any changes are made throughout the day.

TJ Maxx

Want to spend the day shopping for back-to-school essentials? TJ Maxx will be open with regular store hours on Labor Day from 8am to 9pm in most stores.

Publix pharmacies

The pharmacy chain will be closed on Labor Day.

CVS Pharmacy

Some pharmacies will be closed, with a few remaining open for the day to assist you with your medical needs. Be sure to contact your local CVS to find out more.

Delivery services

Don’t expect any mail on Monday as carriers will be closed for the day.

Amazon delivery services are also suspended on Labor Day.

Feeling hungry?

Looking to go for a bite with family and friends to commemorate Labor Day?

Here is a list of some of the chains open during the annual holiday (For others, contact the restaurant to find out more).

Outback Steakhouse – Opens at 11am (may vary depending on location)

Bonefish Grill – Opens at 11am (may vary depending on location).

Hooters – Open at 11am (may vary depending on location).

Buffalo Wild Wings – Opens at 11am (may vary depending on location).

Carrabba’s Italian Grill – Opens at 11am (may vary depending on location)