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Vincent Goodwill and Nekias Duncan discuss Tuesday night’s play-in games, discuss the Warriors’ future, and preview every Western Conference playoff matchup.

On this episode of the Good Word with Goodwill podcast, Yahoo Sports senior NBA reporter Vincent Goodwill is joined by Nekias Duncan from The Dunker Spot to talk about the NBA Play-In Tournament and the first round matchups from the Western Conference of the NBA Playoffs.

The guys start with Zion Williamson, who played a heroic game against the Los Angeles Lakers before exiting with a hamstring injury that helped lead to a New Orleans Pelicans loss and will keep him out against the Sacramento Kings on Friday.

Speaking of the Kings, they played fantastic against the Golden State Warriors and had the game well in hand before the end of the third quarter. After talking about the Kings’ gameplan and performance, Vince and Nekias spend some time wondering what the Warriors can do this offseason to try and turn their fortunes around.

The Los Angeles Lakers, after beating the Pelicans, get a rematch of last year’s Western Conference Finals against the Denver Nuggets. While it will not be easy, both Nekias and Vinnie lay out ways in which the Lakers could maybe steal a game or two away from the defending NBA champions.

The Minnesota Timberwolves and Phoenix Suns is a first-round series loaded with star power and brimming with fun matchups. Who will Rudy Gobert defend when the Suns go small? How will the Suns create an offense beyond contested shots? There are plenty of questions to be answered heading into this one.

Finally, the Dallas Mavericks are traveling to Los Angeles for the first two games against the Clippers. These two teams are facing off in the playoffs for the third time in recent memory, and much of the analysis heading into the series is wondering how healthy Kawhi Leonard’s knees are.

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