Lala Kent is 'open' to new opportunities

Lala Kent is "open" to exploring a career away from 'Vanderpump Rules'.

The 33-year-old beauty is best-known for her appearances on the hit reality TV series - but she's now open to doing other things in her career.

The blonde beauty - who has Ocean, three, with her ex-partner Randall Emmett - said during an Amazon Live: "I’m kind of open to everything. And I don’t think at this stage of life or moment in time is any time for me to be making big decisions, because I’m pregnant and very hormonal."

Lala also revealed that, at some stage, she'd like to step back from the spotlight in order to focus on her family life.

She said: "If I had it my way, I would crawl in a hole and nest for the rest of my life."

In May, showrunner Alex Baskin confirmed that 'Vanderpump Rules' is poised to return for another season.

Alex dismissed speculation that the reality TV series won't return for a 12th season, after Tom Sandoval and Rachel Leviss' cheating scandal in 2023.

Speaking after the three-part reunion shows, Alex told The Hollywood Reporter: "Obviously there’s been a lot of speculation. People have written the show’s final chapter many times, and the show has continued. So just because it’s a reflective moment that clearly marks the end of one chapter does not necessarily mean that it is the end of the show."

Alex also insisted that 'Vanderpump Rules' still has room to grow and develop.

He explained: "You see there is still a lot of fertile ground and developments in their lives, so I think it would be very premature that just because we really close the book on Scandoval in a lot of ways, because it was this moment that sort of blew up everything and that extended into the next season, does not mean necessarily that the show is over."