Lamborghini Urus recalled for screen defect

The Lamborghini Urus has become the latest Volkswagen family vehicle to fall victim to malfunctioning displays. A hardware defect that can render the entire unit permanently inoperable. Lamborghini says replacement head units will be shipped to customers who took delivery of vehicles with improperly-specified infotainment components.

The total population of the recall is just 48 vehicles produced for model year 2022, which is good news for owners of the popular new Lamborghini SUV. The bad news? It's a hardware problem that results in the screen being permanently disabled, not a mere software issue that can be resolved by rebooting the infotainment system or restarting the car.

"Under certain conditions during shutdown of the infotainment main unit, an error in one of the voltage regulators may lead to damage to various components within the control unit causing a loss of all functions including the screen display. In this case, the infotainment main unit is damaged permanently and needs to be replaced," VW's report to NHTSA said. "Upon start-up, the driver will notice that the infotainment screen in the center console is not working and not displaying an image which should prompt the driver to pay extra attention for objects behind the vehicle when reversing."

Customers should receive notifications starting in December. All hardware will be replaced free of charge for the customer.

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