The Last Thing He Told Me creators talk season 2 future

the last thing he told me, jennifer garner, nikolaj costerwaldau
The Last Thing He Told Me bosses talk season 2Saeed Adyani - Apple

Apple TV+ mystery thriller The Last Thing He Told Me might not return for a second season.

Starring the solid pairing of Jennifer Garner (Dallas Buyers Club) and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones), this seven-episoder came to an end this week, having been adapted from Laura Dave's 2021 book.

To mark the occasion, Dave and screenwriter Josh Singer had exclusive chat with Digital Spy.

jennifer garner, the last thing he told me
Apple TV+/ Saeed Adyani

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"It's possible," the former said of season 2 finding its way to our screens.

"It's so funny, it took me about 10 years to write this book. I kept picking it up, and putting it down. I literally threw it in the trash. And it wasn't until I had my child in 2016 that I realised this was the primal story of someone becoming a parent, and all the ways that that journey looks different for all of us.

"I wanted it to be an ode to the different ways that that journey looks for all of us, and an ode to found family. And so, in some ways, I feel as though there's more story to tell. And in other ways, I feel like this is meant to be a limited series.

"We planned it as a limited series," Dave then revealed, "and I feel like – I hope for people that really connected to the book, and for people that are coming to it fresh – it feels complete onto itself."

the last thing he told me, jennifer garner, nikolaj costerwaldau
Saeed Adyani - Apple

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Singer, who took home the Best Original Screenplay statuette at the Oscars seven years ago (for Spotlight), also chipped in with: "We sold it as a 'limited', and we always imagined it as a 'limited'.

"What I love is, you know, that thing that Laura found when she picked the book up again, which is that you think it's a love story about Hannah and Owen, and it's really about Hannah and Bailey moving closer and closer together. And that's what I think is the magic here.

"And so, in some ways, that story is complete. So I don't know."

We tried...

The Last Thing He Told Me is streaming on Apple TV+.

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