Laura Ingraham Mocked After Creating Winning Platform For Democrats

Fox News host Laura Ingraham is supposedly a Republican, but some social media users think she may have handed the 2024 election to the Democrats.

Just before Wednesday’s GOP debate in Wisconsin, Ingraham thought she’d throw out some red meat to conservatives desperately seeking new ways to own those danged libs.

“OK, here’s what the Democrats’ platform is, ready? Pot, porn, Planned Parenthood,” Ingraham sneered.

But while many Fox News viewers might have agreed with Ingraham’s sarcasm, the reality is that she may have distilled a winning 2024 platform for those darn Democrats.

That’s because 88% of Americans believe medical and recreational cannabis should be legal,62% approve of Planned Parenthood and at least 43% find porn morally acceptable.

So, naturally, many social media users wondered why she was seemingly helping the Democrats retain the White House.

One person felt obliged to point out that the so-called Democrat platform is also favored by many Republican politicians.

Another person had a simple request for Ingraham.