League of Legends: Massive Anivia's Egg bug seen with ARAM minions

This unkillable egg is causing havoc in the Howling Abyss

Anivia's indestructible egg will mean bad news to the enemy team, because their minion waves won't advance. (Photo: Riot Games)
Anivia's indestructible egg will mean bad news to the enemy team, because their minion waves won't advance. (Photo: Riot Games)

League of Legends’ (LoL) All Random All Mid (ARAM) game mode is one of the most popular modes in the game, and while developer Riot Games has been giving it a couple of tweaks in the Preseason, some players have discovered an Anivia bug because of one of ARAM's newest features.

One of the newest features of the ARAM map is that destroyed turrets would leave debris behind, limiting the movement of champions and minions on the Howling Abyss.

A Reddit video posted by user blobyblob shows an Anivia player dying in ARAM after its only escape path was blocked by falling tower debris.

This triggered the player's passive ability, Rebirth, which transformed Anivia into her Egg. The passive ability allows Anivia to get reborn with full health through the egg if the egg's health bar doesn't get depleted.

However, during this specific game, while the enemy team was supposedly able to destroy the egg, the Egg stood ostensibly unharmed.

This messed with the other team's minions' flow, with the blue minions focusing their fire on the undying egg, making it impossible for them to advance a wave.

After Anivia's death timer expired, she was reborn, but the Egg still sat in the bushes near the wreckage.

Despite the team's best efforts, the Egg and its health remained immovable, allowing the other team to stroll right up and maintain an edge for as long as they pleased.

Is it the Blackfrost skin?

Some players like z0lt4r mentioned that this also happens when Anivia is on her Blackfrost skin. While many asked how this is so, Reddit user lolzomg123said that it had to do with her animation, with the “special glow animations” being a separate unit that “despawns when the egg hatches or dies.”

“But if the egg gets Collector executed, the animation egg never gets the ‘despawn’ command and continues to exist,” lolzomg123 said.

Reddit user NormTheStorm, on the other hand, thinks that it’s the "wall (in this case, the turret rubble) is definitely wonky".

We reached out to popular LoL content creator and bug finder "Vandiril" to find out more about this bug.

Vandiril confirmed that the bug "can only happen with Blackfrost Anivia", and that Riot was allegedly working on a fix at the moment. He's also mentioned that the bug has "existed for years".

However, because of the nature of the conditions that need to be present (a wall, Blackfrost Anivia's skin, and the cryophoenix dying in certain circumstances), this doesn't happen too often on the rift.

But with new feature at the Howling Abyss, this certainly increases the chances of more Anivia mains encountering the said issue.

The Blackfrost interaction bug still exists at this time, and as of the time of writing, Riot Games have yet to respond to this bug discovery.

This isn’t the first time that a bug was left unchecked in LoL. At Worlds 2022, more than a couple of bugs were discovered by Vandiril and even other pros and coaches.

The discovery of Orianna’s bug at Worlds caused her to be disabled on competitive play for about a day. However, the Gnar, Darius, and Azir bugs were left unanswered.

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