League of Legends: This controversial Caitlyn build can take down enemy champions in one or two shots

A streamer claims he climbed to Grand Master rank with this build, maybe you can too?

Caitlyn typically benefits from items that add AD, but Titanic Hydra, usually meant for bruisers, allows her to finish off enemies in one or two shots. (Photo: Riot Games)
Caitlyn typically benefits from items that add AD, but Titanic Hydra, usually meant for bruisers, allows her to finish off enemies in one or two shots. (Photo: Riot Games)

January is not even over and yet, League of Legends (LoL) players are already adapting novel builds and strategies to get ahead in Season 2024.

With more items geared toward burst damage, the overhaul of items, and the rise of Lethality and Critical Strike items in the meta, it’s no surprise AD Carries would yet again discover another broken item combination.

Caitlyn is one of the biggest benefactors of all these changes, with one LoL streamer, Allen “Saber” Chen, sharing the broken build for the Sheriff of Piltover on X (formerly Twitter), claiming he reached Grand Master with this Caitlyn build.

The build in question involves Titanic Hydra, an item normally used by basic-attack-centric brawlers like Trundle and Shyvana, but not for ADCs. This has been going around in the community for weeks now, even catching the attention of Korean players and streamers as well.

What makes Titanic Hydra effective on Caitlyn?

Titanic Hydra gives the champion an auto-attack reset, which allows you to auto-attack enemies immediately.

Apparently, the Titanic Hydra can be used to get two passive headshots, Caitlyn’s passive, in a row by using the item’s active to melt enemies.

To pull it off, the headshot auto needs to be in the process of hitting an enemy, or flying toward them, for players to activate Titanic Hyrda to get the second shot.

How Caitlyn’s Titanic Hydra build looks like

For the runes, Fleet Footwork, according to Saber is a non-negotiable. Other helpful runes include Gathering Storm, and Absolute Focus which will help with Caitlyn’s scaling until the late game, where Caitlyn can one-shot her enemies.

For this build, you need to begin with Stormrazor as your starting item. Then you would need to add Titanic Hydra, an uncommon item for an ADC.

The next item worth purchasing would be Infinity Edge, which will add more AD and critical strike damage. Lord Dominik’s Regards will not only add AD but also armor penetration, along with some bonus damage against tankier enemies.

For the remainder of the items, picking any item that can increase attack damage, attack speed, or armor penetration would be helpful. Here players can pick typical items like Bloodthirster or The Collector. An item to avoid, however, would be Rapid Fire, which will not trigger the second headshot.

Player community concerned over new build

On Reddit, some players expressed their concern over this newly discovered build, with the thread owner MazrimReddit, saying that it’s “possibly borderline abusive,” although noting that “Riot has not disabled Cait” nor blatantly told players not to use the said build.

A few others, disagreed, saying that the build is “just alright” or “kinda meh,” with others noting that it could be a situational build.

On top of this, given that there’s a particular way to pull the double headshot off so not all players can execute it.

Apparently, according to quietus_17y, Titanic Hydra also worked well on Jhin, who “can also do fast 3+4 shots thanks to Hydra, it’s disgusting…”

What are your thoughts on this build? Will you be trying it or do you think it should be hotfixed?

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