Leaked Deadlock Screenshots Show Valve’s Next Game

Valve: a red valve pump on the back of someone's head.
Valve: a red valve pump on the back of someone's head.

With Half-Life, Portal, and the Steam platform as part of its DNA, Valve is one of the biggest companies in the video game market. Of course, these days Gabe Newell‘s influential outfit doesn’t dabble in development as much as it used to, but there are signs that a new project is on the horizon.

What we know about Deadlock

Rumors and insider information circulating over the last few years state that Valve is in the midst of developing a new game. While little is known about what the elusive title is, some screenshots have come to light which claim to be from the project.

X user and content creator Gabe Follower recently posted a few screenshots taken from test versions of Deadlock, a game said to be in the works by the Half-Life and Left 4 Dead team.

The images themselves show a third-person shoot-em-up, with specific attention on one character called Grey Talon. Very little is known about the title, but Gabe Follower assures us these are verified screengrabs.

It should be noted that nothing about the mysterious Deadlock has been officially confirmed at the time of writing. However, YouTuber Tyler McVicker – who specializes in Valve reportage – says they’ve been involved in alpha playtests of the game.

McVicker goes on to say that Deadlock is the name for what was originally called Neon Prime. They describe it as a MOBA title with tower defense and third-person shooter mechanics. It’s claimed that this will be a distinctive game and won’t be part of Half-Life or any other of the studio’s well-known franchises.

McVickers adds that the game has elements of Valorant and Overwatch in this early build and that we could be getting an announcement – or even a release date – any time soon. Hopefully, Valve will have more to say on this now that information has come to light.

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