Lee Hsien Loong makes contradictory statements in public and private: Hsien Yang

Lee Hsien Yang leaving the Supreme Court building on 10 April 2017. Lee and his sister, Lee Wei Ling, are executors of the estate of their late father Lee Kuan Yew. Lee Hsien Yang. File photo: Yahoo Singapore

Lee Hsien Yang has launched his latest salvo at his older brother, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, pointing out the apparent contradictions between his public statements and what he has said in private.

In a Facebook post on Thursday afternoon (15 June), Hsien Yang posted what he claimed were statements made by PM Lee to a Ministerial Committee that is deliberating the fate of the late Lee Kuan Yew’s former residence at 38 Oxley Road. These were placed side by side with the Prime Minister’s public statements about the house and what should be done with it.

Hsien Yang’s post was also shared by his sister Wei Ling.

The Committee acknowledged on Wednesday (14 June) that the Prime Minister has made representations to the committee in his personal capacity as the eldest son of the late Lee.

Singapore’s most prominent family has been thrust into the intense public limelight following a joint statement by Hsien Yang and Wei Ling on Wednesday denouncing their brother and accusing him of pursuing a personal agenda with regard to the Oxley Road house. PM Lee has denied his siblings’ allegations.

In an interview with Yahoo Singapore on Wednesday night, Hsien Yang said that he doubted his brother’s sincerity and honesty in his intentions for their late father’s former home.