Lego Technic's 1/12-scale Ford GT kit is surprisingly detailed

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Lego Technic has added the Ford GT to its catalog of 1/12-scale cars. Designed for adult builders, the scaled-down supercar features several life-like features, like a V6 engine with moving pistons, an adjustable rear spoiler, and even an independent suspension system.

The kit consists of 1,466 pieces that come together to make a GT that's over 15 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 3.5 inches tall. This isn't the kind of Lego set you can build on your lunch break; it will likely take several evenings' worth of work to put together. The tradeoff is that the GT is stunningly realistic: finished in blue with white stripes, the coupe features relatively accurate proportions and moving parts.

Like the real GT, the Lego version is equipped with a V6 engine that spins the rear wheels via a differential, a functioning steering system, and doors that swing up rather than out. The rear spoiler is adjustable, and Lego even re-created the air vents positioned behind the doors. The wheels are fairly generic, however; they feature the same design as the ones that come with Lego Technic's Porsche 911 RSR kit.

Retailers online and around the world will begin receiving Lego Technic's Ford GT in March 2023, and suggested pricing is set at $120 excluding tax. If the Ford GT isn't your cup of tea, the Danish company has plenty of other cars in the pipeline for 2023. It teamed up with Bugatti to make a 905-piece Bolide kit and it will add five cars, including the McLaren F1 LM, to its Speed Champions collection.