Lethal Company tops Steam charts after going viral

lethal company
Lethal Company tops Steam charts after going viralZeekerss

Lethal Company has stormed to the top of the Steam charts, after becoming a viral hit on streaming.

The indie game, by solo developer Zeekerss, has become the latest game to dominate Twitch and YouTube, with those stream views translating into huge sales on PC.

It is the global best-selling game for the week beginning Tuesday, November 21, beating the likes of Counter-Strike 2, EA Sports FC 24, and Call of Duty.

lethal company

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Lethal Company is a co-op horror title with exploration and survival elements, where players have to work together to scavenge and collect scrap in order to meet the Company's quota.

It launched in early access on October 23, and has enjoyed a surge of popularity since launching on the Steam storefront.

The game has drawn comparisons to Phasmophobia, though many have noted that Lethal Company has greater potential for more light-hearted and comedic moments.

On Steam, at the time of writing, it has around 90,000 reviews with 98% of them rated positive.

lethal company

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Discussing what they see the full version of Lethal Company looking like, Zeekerss wrote on the game's Steam page: “I want Lethal Company to be so full of creatures, items, customization, and map variations that it feels 'infinitely replayable'. This is the type of game that benefits from being full of stuff.

"Besides that, I want to iron out most glitches and tighten the game's design and difficulty so it can be enjoyed by new and experienced players alike."

Lethal Company's success follows in the footsteps of games like Suika Game and Only Up!, which also enjoyed a wave of popularity this year as a result of becoming a huge hit among streamers.

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