Joe Biden Makes a Bold Statement About Taylor Swift

Joe Biden, Taylor Swift

Joe Biden recently made a visit to Late Night with Seth Meyers for a chat, during which he touched on Taylor Swift and the many rumors that follow her around.

Host Seth Meyers jokingly brought up conspiracy theories that have gone around about the songstress, asking Biden if he and Swift were "working in cahoots." He referenced Swift's connection with the Kansas City Chiefs through her romance with Travis Kelce, before asking, “Can you confirm or deny that there is an active conspiracy between you and Miss Swift?”

Biden grinned, playing along as he said, “Where are you getting this information? It’s classified. That's classified information." He even pulled out dark Ray-Bans and smoothly slipped them on, leading the audience to cheer and laugh.

Fans appreciated Biden's sense of humor, with one commenting on the video to say, "He needs to do MUCH more of this. He’s great here."

Biden referenced the high-profile romance between Swift and Kelce before, sharing his opinions of the Super Bowl teams and the famous Kelce family in a video on TikTok.

When asked to choose between the Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, Biden went for a third option, sharing his support for the Philadelphia Eagles, Jason Kelce's team. As for why, he noted, "If I didn't say I was for the Eagles, I'd be sleeping alone. My wife's a Philly girl."

In the end, the Chiefs took home the win for Super Bowl LVIII, which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, with the team celebrating the win in style at a club afterward. In fact, Swift even took her parents to the club expecting it to be calmer than it was, leading to her boyfriend's first appearance on her social media in a fun video documenting the visit.

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