Live: GE2020 polling draws to a close, Singaporeans await results

SINGAPORE — As the polls draw to a close on Polling Day on Friday (10 July), Singaporeans wait to find out who will be the members of the country’s 14th Parliament.

As of 8pm, 2,565,000 voters – 96 per cent of registered voters – have cast their votes for the 2020 General Election (GE), a higher turnout than during GE2015. Voting hours for this year’s election have been extended from 8pm to 10pm, for the first time ever during an election.

A total of 192 candidates – from 11 parties and one independent candidate – are contesting 93 seats across 17 group representation constituencies and 14 single-member constituencies.

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GE2020: Which party won in your constituency (GRC)?

GE2020: Which party won in your constituency (SMC)?

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