Liverpool pre-season tour in Singapore

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp discusses whether he needs more new signings for the upcoming English Premier League season, during a media conference for the Standard Chartered Singapore Trophy match against Crystal Palace.

Video transcript

JURGEN KLOPP: I always said, if nobody wants to leave-- but no player came to me with that request yet. I don't expect it really, to be honest. There's no need for a new midfielder. We cannot just add on midfielders.

We respect the contracts with our boys, as well. That means as long we sign them, they get all our support in training between the sessions, and during the games, and between the games, and these kind of things. And that's the situation, and really, we can count our midfielders.

And for me, Harvey Elliott is a new signing, as well, after last season, how he started and all these kind of things. And he's very young and came back brilliant and then had a little oh, that's completely normal after that being left long out. So really excited about seeing him. And if you go through the quality of the players we have, it's really high.

And people make one mistake, they underestimate the chance that a player who didn't play at his best season last year might play the best season this year. And it's like football fans-- I'm not sure all, but some-- don't give people the chance to improve. It's like he didn't play well last year, so he cannot score goals, he cannot do that. So get him out of the house. Thank God I'm not like this.

So I judge potential as much as the last season. Actually, last season, it's not really interesting, it's gone. So it's about when a player didn't perform on his highest level, it's at least 50% my fault. So I have to improve, I have to say the right things, I have to say better things, I have to help him in a better way, because it's not about the potential of these players. The players [INAUDIBLE] incredibly high.

It's about bringing it on the pitch. And why should we stop that after a year, where we nearly won four trophies. I know we didn't, but we were as close as somehow possible. That's the reason. So I always said, if these boys want to stay, they will stay and then we will work with that.