Lizzo video reveals truth behind Adele’s Grammys ‘walkout’ after Harry Styles win

The unverified rumours surrounding Adele‘s Grammys “walkout” following Harry Styles’s win has been cleared up.

After the ceremony, which took place on Sunday (5 February), a video was shared on social media appearing to show an unimpressed Adele after Styles was named as Album of the Year winner.

Many claimed that Adele didn’t applaud Styles, which were swiftlky followed by claims that Adele walked out of the Los Angeles venue before the “As It Was” singer delivered his acceptance speech.

Lizzo has debunked these rumours by releasing a TikTok video, which has been viewed 10m times, in the immediate aftermath of Styles’s win.

The “Juice” singer was sat with both Styles and Adele and, in the clip, the pair excitingly celebrate the former One Direction star’s win together.

Clearing up the claims of Adele’s “walkout” is the moment that sees Lizzo film Adele while Styles is on stage. “I’m screaming,” she says, before jokingly asking Lizzo: “What are you filming me for?”

The pair can also be heard singing along to Styles’ song that is played as he collects his trophy.

While Adele was nominated in the same category for her latest record, 30, it was claimed that the singer believed Beyoncé should have won the prize for the album Renaissance.

Harry Styles after learning he won Album of the Year at the 2023 Grammys (TikTok)
Harry Styles after learning he won Album of the Year at the 2023 Grammys (TikTok)

Adele beat Beyoncé in the same category in 2017, and broke her award in order to share it with the singer.

Styles’ win dividied music fans, with many believing it ended the ceremony on an underwhelming note.