London Mayoral Election 2024: Reform UK candidate vows to scrap Ulez and refund all fines

Howard Cox at an anti-Ulez protest in London  (George Lithgow/PA Wire)
Howard Cox at an anti-Ulez protest in London (George Lithgow/PA Wire)

The Reform UK candidate for the 2024 London Mayoral Election has vowed to scrap the Ultra Low Emission Zone (Ulez) and refund all fines.

Howard Cox is the founder of Fair Fuel UK, a lobbying group that campaigns to reduce charges on motorists, particularly fuel duty.

“As the founder of the FairFuelUK campaign, I am the only Mayoral candidate with a proven track record of making a difference to your lives by helping to reduce your cost of living,” he said.

“Since 2011, every driver, business and charity has benefited from paying thousands of pounds less to fill up their motorbikes, cars, vans and trucks – all because of my campaign against fuel duty increases.

“No other Mayoral candidate has an equivalent record in successful campaigning, or my detailed knowledge of road user transport – both essential to get London moving again.

“I want our city back. I will be strong on crime and take a zero tolerance approach to violent offenders. I will always listen to you, and from day one I will scrap all policies that do not benefit the majority of Londoners.”

Speaking at an anti-Ulez protest earlier this year, Mr Cox describe the low-emission scheme as unnecessary.

“Good, decent, honest, taxpaying, hardworking people are being impacted by Ulez,” he said.

“It’s such a sad thing because we do not need Ulez. Science proves we don’t need it.

“Stop picking on the motorists, they’re the commercial heartbeat of the economy.”

Mr Cox said that while he has an Ulez compliant vehicle, he had been “bombarded by people like plumbers and sole traders, people like that who can’t afford to change.”

Figures released by TfL in October showed around 60,000 vehicle owners a day were paying the charge.

A taxi with an advert for Howard Cox (Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images)
A taxi with an advert for Howard Cox (Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images)

Reform UK leader Richard Tice said: “Howard Cox is a proven winner. He will deliver decisive action, not the usual Labour or Conservative Party’s arrogant divine right to rule rhetoric. Above all else, unlike the current Mayor, he will listen to you and act decisively on your behalf."

His manifesto pledges include:

  • Scrap Ulez and refund all Ulez fines and fees

  • Remove low-traffic neighbourhoods and 20mph zones

  • Triple the number of police officers in London

  • Triple the amount of affordable housing

  • Commission a significant memorial to Queen Elizabeth II

You can read his full manifesto here.

Voters can cast their ballot in person on 2 May, by post or by proxy. Find your nearest polling station here.

Everyone will need to show photo ID at polling stations before they vote.

The results will be announced at City Hall on Saturday 4 May.

Read the full list of candidates here.

Howard Cox did not reply to a interview request by The Independent.