15 Hee Hee Ha Ha Ho Ho Hilarious Photos That'll Make You Laugh Audibly

I couldn't remember the last time I laughed (I know, I need to get out more), so I perused r/funny in the hope of a chuckle. Thankfully, it delivered. Here are 15 photos that might just make you crack a smile too:

1.This map that looks like a vulva:

Emergency exit map for 333 West Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101, North Tower 8th Floor. Shows exit routes via stairs and locations of fire alarm, extinguisher, and elevator
u/scobeavs / Via reddit.com

2.This AI of "Steven Seagull:"

Steven Seagull poses in karate attire on a beach with a seagull. He mimics bird poses while interacting with the seagull
u/b0ka_p / Via reddit.com

3.This White Sox fan licking his nacho bowl clean on live TV:

A man is seen joyfully eating and smearing his face with food while holding a bowl

4.This sneaky cap design:

Close-up of a hat featuring a cartoon cat with a mischievous expression, giving double middle finger gestures

5.These post-vasectomy treats:

A table is covered with various snacks, including Nutty Buddy, Lay's chips, Little Debbie Creme Pies, and more. Two cards say, "Happy Retirement to your swim team!" and "No more chips!"

6.This word unscramble:

A worksheet with scrambled words and handwritten corrections: ncafoe; gnerey (energy); tpanls; etrse (trees); srtha (shart); tpascil; olis
u/moncking / Via reddit.com

7.This harsh truth:

Person holding a cardboard sign saying "I learned cursive for absolutely no reason."

8.This cat that does not like to be without its owner:

Cat standing upright with its paws up against a narrow glass panel on a wooden door

9.This "aurora cornealis:"

An ear of corn on a plate is being flambéed in a kitchen
u/SANAFABICH / Via reddit.com

10.This predator outsmarter:

A person with a tattooed arm is wearing a shirt that says, "I gotta see the candy first. Then I get in the van. I'm not stupid."
u/TooGoood avataru/TooGoood / Via reddit.com

11.This ruthless golfball:

A person holds a golf ball with the text: "IF FOUND, GIVE TO YOUR MOM - I'LL PICK IT UP LATER."

12.The language barrier:

Three images show motorcycle mechanics at work with the text "Wir suchen dich!" which translates to "We are looking for you!" in German

13.This partially shaved pup that's not in the mood:

A large, curly-haired dog stands on the stairs in a home with wooden railings and a kitchen in the background. A cat-faced basket and a book are on the lower step

14.This wild cautionary sign:

A Dyson Airblade hand dryer in a restroom has a sticker indicating not to urinate into it, along with NSF certification and EcoLogo

15.And finally, this Pikachu meme sourcing:

Screenshot of a TV showing Pikachu from Pokémon with text at the bottom: "Found the pikachu meme S1 ep10 04:02"
u/Square-Detective / Via reddit.com