Louis Koo plays negotiator in "Paradox"

1 Nov - It seems that five movies a year is still not enough for Louis Koo, who is set to star in a new movie, "Paradox", alongside Thai action star, Tony Jaa.

As reported on Singtao Daily, the actor, who appeared at the filming commencement ceremony in Bangkok recently, revealed that he will play a negotiator in the movie, who travels to Bangkok in search of his teenage daughter.

Louis, a bachelor himself, has no issue about playing a father of a sixteen-year-old, saying that he doesn't need to have a teenage daughter to know that it's too soon for a person to be in a relationship at that age.

"If I have a teenage daughter who is dating, I would mind it too," he said.

The actor, who will be filming for months in Thailand, stated that he may need to be spending Christmas in the country as well.

Produced by Cheang Po Soi and Paco Wong and to be directed by Wilson Yip, "Paradox" also stars Wu Yue, Chris Collins, Gordon Lam, and Ken Low. Sammo Hung is set to choreograph the action scenes.

(Photo source: facebook.com/louiskoo)