Are Love Is Blind's Uche Okoroha and Aaliyah Cosby together now?

love is blind uche and aaliyah still together
Are Love Is Blind's Uche and Aaliyah together now?Netflix

Love Is Blind is officially back on Netflix for season five and what a truly chaotic season we've been given. The fifth season takes place in Houston, and sees a group of 28 singles date each other in the pods, without seeing the other person on the other side of the wall, in the hopes of getting engaged and leaving the pods with their future spouse.

One couple who had hoped to be engaged was Uche Okoroha, 34 and Aaliyah Cosby, 29, however after Uche's revelation that he had in fact been dating fellow contestant Lydia Velez Gonzalez before entering the experiment, their relationship appeared to have ended, with Aaliyah leaving the experiment early. However, in the teaser for this week's episodes we see Aaliyah and Uche return to the series. So are they together now? And what happened in their relationship? Here's what you need to know.

love is blind uche and aaliyah still together

What happened in Uche and Aaliyah's relationship?

Uche and Aaliyah met through the pod walls and quickly developed a connection, bonding over shared interests including their love of poetry. And it all seemed to be going well until Aaliyah revealed she had once previously cheated on an ex-boyfriend two years before entering the experiment.

Uche did not appear to react well and was stunned to discover this fact about Aaliyah. What followed was then a very awkward conversation that left Aaliyah in tears.

However, the pair seemed to repair things and were on their way to an engagement, when Uche dropped the bombshell that he had dated Lydia before the experiment, but clarified he did not want to be in a relationship with her and wanted to be with Aaliyah.

Aaliyah was shocked to hear this news, given how close she was with Lydia. When she spoke about it with Lydia, Lydia proceeded to tell her a bunch of different details about Uche's life including the car he owned, what his friends were like and the bombshell that they had slept together three months before entering the experiment.

Aaliyah and Uche spoke again about his connection with Lydia during a date in the pods. While it was a tough conversation they appeared to get through it and both ended the date with smiles on their faces.

However, it clearly wasn't meant to be as when Uche later went to propose he was told by production Aaliyah had left the experiment.

love is blind uche and aaliyah still together

During the most recent drop of episodes the pair met up for a drink to discuss their relationship and why Aaliyah left.

Aaliyah explained her reasoning for leaving, saying all the information Lydia shared with her about Uche, that she didn't ask for, made her feel uncomfortable. Uche then claimed Lydia invaded his privacy (which she denied in a later episode) while they were together, which led to him breaking up with her.

Uche then said he felt bad for ending the relationship and wanted to support Lydia while she was going through a difficult time, so they began speaking again, before he broke off their relationship again, when he felt Lydia was doing better. Uche apologised to Aaliyah for not telling the whole story.

Aaliyah then expressed her worries Lydia and Uche had planned to appear on the show together, which he strongly denied. After settling her worries, Aaliyah asked Uche if he wanted to try their relationship again, but he said no as he was still hurt by Aaliyah leaving the pods and felt that she didn't have confidence in their relationship.

Are Uche and Aaliyah together now?

Given how things ended at their meet up in episode seven, it's unlikely Aaliyah and Uche are together now.

And since leaving the show Aaliyah has called Uche concealing the truth of his relationship with Lydia a "red flag" and said the lack of emotional security lead her to walk away from her relationship with Uche, in an interview with US Weekly.

"It was really just the emotional security that was really lacking for me going into the engagement," she explained.

However, there's also a chance the pair are back together. In an interview with Bustle, Aaliyah revealed the pair had been in contact since filming of the series ended and they had "mutual respect" for each other.

Yesterday (1st October) while answering a number of fan questions on Instagram Stories, Uche revealed he is on "good terms" with Aaliyah, after a follower asked him: "What is your current relationship with Aaliyah?"

And late last week many fans believed they spotted a woman in the reflection of Uche's sunglasses on a post he shared on Instagram, with many fans theorising the woman in the sunglasses is Aaliyah. However, there's no way to know for sure it's Aaliyah, it could very easily be someone completely different.

Hopefully we'll find out any more developments in their relationship in the next drop of episodes on 6th October.

Love Is Blind season five is available on Netflix now

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