Lucien Laviscount: 'Being an actor isn't all red carpets and flights'

Lucien Laviscount admits being an actor is no easy feat - but he's loving "every minute of it".

The 'Emily in Paris' star, 32, who has been tipped to play the next James Bond, says being an actor is relentless and you have to be strong enough to face a lot of rejection, but he feels like he's "winning" at the moment.

He told "It's it's not all red carpets. You know what I mean? And flights here and there and premieres and stuff.

"It's the amount of nos and broken promises?

"And like I say, it's grass and grind and I wouldn't change it for the world.

I love absolutely every minute of it.

I love getting on set.

"I love entertaining and doing my thing, and I love playing these characters.

So, yeah, I feel super blast, man."

The 'This Time Next Year' star recently admitted he would love to play James Bond one day.

The actor believes playing 007 would be the "ultimate" career challenge.

Lucien told Us Weekly: "I’d love to dive into more action roles, we shot a movie last year that was one fight sequence after another with explosions going off left and right. I absolutely loved it.

"I think at some point to play James Bond would be the ultimate."

Lucien has relished his time on 'Emily in Paris', the hit Netflix series.

He shared: "That’s exactly what you see on 'Emily in Paris' - a character that I’ve loved playing for three seasons now. I feel so grateful to have been able to bring Alfie to life on screen."

Despite this, Lucien doesn't actually have a lot in common with his on-screen character.

He said: "My own style - that’s a different thing altogether. I wear what I want, depending on how I’m feeling. To describe it, I guess I’ll let it speak for itself, for better for worse."