Lupin creator shares season 4 update

omar sy, lupin, season 3
Lupin creator shares season 4 updateNetflix

Lupin creator George Kay has opened up about a potential part four to the hit Netflix thriller series.

Lupin, which Kay co-created with François Uzan, is based on the character created by Maurice Leblanc. Omar Sy plays the titular thief, with the story following Assane Diop on a quest to avenge his father, who was the subject of injustice from a wealthy family.

There have been three parts so far. The first two parts consisted of five episodes each and were released in 2021. They were both part of season one. The third part released earlier this month on October 5, consisting of seven episodes. In an interview with Variety, Kay discussed the possibility of a fourth part.

omar sy, lupin, season 3

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"Obviously, we’ve worked super hard on these seasons and then we got to see how the world reacts. So I would say, not to answer for Damien [Couvreur, Netflix's VP of content series in France], but he’s got to factor that in," Kay said.

"But when you create the dynamics amongst the characters, you set these shows up so that they can have a long life so that you’re not cornered or you don’t have a problem continuing them, because it’s harder to generate length out of a show that’s not designed to run and run."

He finished: "So we had very ambitious foundations for it. So it’s definitely got the scale, if it’s required."

antoine gouy, omar sy, lupin part 3

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Previously, Kay opened up about what makes part three different to the two parts that came before it, explaining: "Assane has gone from a life of anonymity as a criminal in parts 1 and 2, and now he is France’s most wanted man."

"His cover is broken because of what happened towards the end of part 2 at the Théâtre du Châtelet, and now everybody is asking the same question, 'Where is he?', which is a problem when you're a thief, because when you try and steal things, everyone knows what you look like," Kay said.

"So he comes back into Paris at the start of part 3 and discovers that the whole city is looking for him."

Lupin part three is released on Netflix on October 5.

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