MAFS' Lyndall Grace finally confirms Josh White fling - and how it ended

lyndall grace, married at first sight australia
MAFS' Lyndall Grace opens up on Josh White flingChannel Nine

Married at First Sight's Lyndall Grace has finally opened up on her fling with co-star Josh White.

The reality star confirmed that the two "made out" and kept in contact for some time after the show reunion, with Josh flying out to visit her in Perth, before things came to an abrupt end.

Lyndall revealed details of the fling in the latest episode of the Back to Reality podcast, hosted by Selina Chhaur, also of MAFS fame, and Love Island's Taku Chimwaza.

"The Josh thing was so long ago now," she begins. "It was after reunion, we'd just finished filming and I think there was 11 or 12 of us that went out for dinner after publicity. We just went to a club and got really drunk, and there was a nice man who showed me some affection for the first time in months and I got a little bit carried away.

lyndall grace, married at first sight australia
Channel Nine

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"We made out, it was not in front of anyone," she added, clarifying that it wasn't in front of her fellow castmates, as other publications previously reported.

"A few days later I'd gone back to Perth and we spoke on the phone for a long time about the fact there's a bit of an age gap, everything that had happened on the show and that it really wouldn't look good for either of us," she continued.

Lyndall explained that the two decided they would be "respectful" and not talk about it, but they stayed in touch and "kept talking".

"From my side, I was pretty clear that I didn't want anything, I was in no position to be dating and he knew that," she said. "I really went into depth with him about how much I was struggling after the show."

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According to Lyndall, things changed in January when Josh confessed to having "feelings for her".

"He drunkenly booked a flight to come over for the launch," she said, with Josh joining family and friends at Lyndall and co-star Bronte Schofield's viewing party for their joint wedding episode.

"When he came over, I think he had an idea that something would happen. I offered for him to stay with us in our spare room. He told me he was coming to see everyone in Perth, not just me."

lyndall grace, married at first sight australia
Channel Nine

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It was Lyndall's housemate who stepped in to tell Josh she wasn't interested in pursuing anything romantic with him.

"She went to the pub and said look Lyndall has been talking to this person, nothing has progressed and that's why, and maybe you need to step back," Lyndall recalled. "He was pretty upset and he flew out the next morning and that was the last time we spoke."

Digital Spy reached out to Josh for comment, who offered his own take on events.

"We first kissed at Ivy Pool after dinner and then moved onto Universal Nightclub together as a group," he told us. "Lyndall and I spoke a few days after the kiss. We ended the 3-hour video call by both saying there was a connection between us and we should continue to explore things.

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"From the time we started talking until when I ended things at the end of January, we would message all day and video call each other on average 2-3 hours every night," he added. "I kept call logs at the time, to prove the hours-long conversations for this very same point.

"I told Lyndall I was coming to Perth to see her and she (like me) was excited; I did not make this decision without encouragement or without consultation with her.

"I can confirm that I was upset to find out that she had a boyfriend when I went to Perth," Josh continued. "Lyndall paints a picture that she had set some level of boundaries around what we were and I can categorically tell you this was not the case.

"I do prefer to maintain some level of privacy for myself and my family; however, in this instance, I feel it is important to address her recent comments."

Josh was matched with bride Melissa Sheppard on season 10 of the hit dating show, but the two called it quits in the second commitment ceremony. Meanwhile, Lyndall was coupled up with Cameron Woods, who after a few ups-and-downs decided to part ways during Final Vows.

It's not known if Lyndall and Josh have respectively moved on with other people, with both having kept quiet on their relationship statuses since Married at First Sight Australia aired.

Married at First Sight UK airs on E4 in the UK. Married at First Sight Australia airs on Nine Network in Australia and E4 in the UK.

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