Maggie Haberman Details Donald Trump’s ‘Pretty Specific Stare At Me’ During Trial

The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman has described how former President Donald Trump “made a pretty specific stare at me” during the first day of his hush money trial after she’d reported that he’d fallen asleep in court.

“At one point, the pool said that he was glaring at you for several seconds,” CNN’s Kaitlan Collins told Haberman on Monday’s broadcast of “The Source.”

“You had reported shortly before that, during a break, that he appeared to be falling asleep at one point as the proceedings were getting kind of tedious. Did you notice that?” asked Collins.

“Yes, I noticed,” Haberman replied in a video shared online by Mediaite. “He made a pretty specific stare at me and walked out of the room.”

Collins said she’d been “on the receiving end of said glares” from the presumptive GOP nominee.

“I have too,” Haberman responded, noting how she’s seen “lots of people fall asleep in the courtroom” ― from jurors to judges. But, “If anyone falls asleep who’s a criminal defendant in a case, we’re going to report on it.”

Trump “doesn’t like when such things are reported and I’m guessing, I don’t know, that that’s what this [stare] was about,” she added.

“I think that having to sit there and be captive while we all report on him is going to be deeply uncomfortable for him because he is someone who likes to control things,” she added.

Haberman elsewhere in her discussion with Collins described Trump as getting “bored and fidgety” in court but said he was “actually on fairly good behavior” compared with his outbursts during his civil trials.

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