Magic: The Gathering Outlaws of Thunder Junction preview card - Nimble Brigand adds some nifty card advantage to the Standard meta

For one blue mana and two generic, Nimble Brigand is a 1/3 Human Rogue creature with some interesting abilities.

After the murder mystery set Murders at Karlov Manor at the start of 2024, it’s now time for Magic: The Gathering to jump to another genre it's never ventured into prior to this.

The release of Outlaws of Thunder Junction on 19 April sees Wizards of the Coast introduce the Western genre into the multiverse of Magic, as outlaws set out to claim their fortunes in the frontier-like plane of Thunder Junction.

With a new frontier comes new cards, and Yahoo Southeast Asia presents the new blue uncommon card Nimble Brigand, courtesy of Wizards.

(Image: Wizards of the Coast)
(Image: Wizards of the Coast)

For one blue mana and two generic, Nimble Brigand is a 1/3 Human Rogue creature with some interesting abilities.

If the controller of Nimble Brigand has committed a crime this turn, Nimble Brigand cannot be blocked this turn.

You commit a crime by either targeting your opponent, a spell or ability your opponent controls, a permanent your opponent controls, or a card in your opponent's graveyard.

Yes, this means countering a target spell your opponent puts on the stack is considered as committing a crime since your opponent controls the spell the moment your opponent's spell enters the stack.

While the exact mechanics of committing a crime is not exactly new (targeting your opponents or your opponent's permanents has always been a thing), you are now rewarded for doing so.

And the best part about it is: if you cast a spell or activate an ability to target something controlled by your opponent, it does not even need to resolve on the stack (i.e. it gets countered) because the crime is already considered to be committed.

For Nimble Brigand, the reward for committing a crime would be its second triggered ability. When Nimble Brigand deals combat damage to a player, you draw a card.

This is some nifty card advantage for a three drop creature in the current Standard meta, and you can guarantee that just by having spells or abilities that can target your opponents or anything they control during your turn.

That makes Nimble Brigand a decent card for control decks, so if you like accruing card advantage while responding to every big threat your opponent dishes out, this card is definitely for you (evil player).

Pre-release for Outlaws of Thunder Junction begins on 12 April.

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