Majority’s new Knapwell bedside radio and speaker proves that 80s design is back, baby

 The Majority Knapwell on a bedside table.
The Majority Knapwell on a bedside table.

If you're someone who likes to start your day listening to Wham!'s Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, then Majority has launched a new digital alarm clock made just for you. It may look like something straight out of the 80s (minus the telescopic antenna and turn dial) but it has a lot of the features that you'll find in the best DAB radios and Bluetooth speakers, which we'll cover in more detail below.

With two full-range drivers, the aptly named Knapwell is built for playing audio first and displaying the time second. It can take you from listening to your favorite jazz station and talkshow to streaming albums and podcasts with the best music streaming services without leaving you hanging (like a yo-yo).

As one of the few Cambridge audio brands still specialising in radios – last year it launched a DAB radio, Bluetooth speaker and CD player unit called the Oakington – Majority has taken those fuzzy sounding, hard to set, battery operated radio alarm clocks and modernized them for today's world, making the Knapwell a great choice for anyone that wants to give their eyes a break from their phone's harsh blue light.

Majority Knapwell: key specs

The Majority Knapwell charging a phone
The Majority Knapwell charging a phone

I'll admit, the Majority Knapwell isn't going to appeal to everyone. But I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that miss their digital alarm clock that finally stopped working a little while ago. Whatever the reason, if you're after a new alarm clock that can also play music, then this could be it.

In terms of connectivity, Majority has given you a lot choice. It's a DAB radio, with FM and DAB+, as well as a Bluetooth speaker (although one thing to note is that we don't yet know which generation of Bluetooth) that also has a headphone jack if you'd prefer to play audio directly via a device like a phone or MP3 player.

Although the Knapwell is small – it's only 11cm long, 9cm wide and ~3cm tall – it can also charge your phone, which will look about the same size as the device itself, thanks to a USB-C port. The display measures 14cm wide and is a full glass screen.

Last but certainly not least, there's the digital clock. It uses a seven-segment display, which is probably the biggest design touch that makes it look so nostalgic – these LED figures are synonymous with vintage tech and are still regularly used today in microwaves and ovens. It also has some thoughtful features like a dual alarm and dimmer in case the display light is too bright.

Can't wait to get your hands on one? The Majority Knapwell will be available to order from January 29 and will cost just £39.95, which is cheaper than some of the best value DAB radios we've reviewed.

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