Majority of Russian sabotage groups recorded in Sumy Oblast - National Guard

Ukrainian State Border Guards
Ukrainian State Border Guards

The vast majority of Russian sabotage and reconnaissance groups were recorded as operating in Sumy Oblast this week, National Guard spokesperson, Ruslan Muzychuk said on national television on May 2.

"We observed the largest number of enemy groups in Sumy Oblast,” he said.

“The enemy is trying to find certain weak points."

Russian sabotage groups attempted to cross the border in Kharkiv Oblast as well, he said, though the Ukrainian military is taking all necessary counter-sabotage measures.

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Russian sabotage and reconnaissance groups in Sumy Oblast

Russian saboteur groups trying to break through the border usually consists of 10-12 well-trained people, former Joint Forces commander Lieutenant General Serhiy Nayev reported earlier.

All these groups consist of officers from Russian special operations units, as well members of Russian military intelligence (GRU).

Russian forces have intensified their sabotage and reconnaissance operations in Sumy and Kharkiv oblasts, Ukraine’s State Border Service reported in December 2023.

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