Mak Ling Ling's Chinese Zodiac forecast for 2021: The Dragon

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Mak Ling Ling's Chinese Zodiac forecast for 2021: The Dragon
Mak Ling Ling's Chinese Zodiac forecast for 2021: The Dragon

Hong Kong fengshui master Mak Ling Ling is well-known in the territory for her fortune-telling. This Year of the Ox, she shares her forecast on Yahoo for the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

In addition to finding out what the forecast is like for your sign — whether you’re the Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig, or Rat — you can also use your mobile phone to activate the three-dimensional AR effect for your Zodiac animal.

If you’re born in the year of the Dragon, here is Mak’s forecast, in detail, for wealth, career, love and health in 2021.

Yahoo is utilizing AR (augmented reality) technology to give you the Chinese Zodiac forecast. Click on the button below to experience it in 3D. The AR experience can be viewed on both desktop and mobile


In the Year of the Ox, there are the auspicious Great Yin Star (太陰星) and Emperor Charm Star (唐符星) for Dragons.Your careers is ideal, and you’re likely to find support from female benefactors. However because of the influence of "breaking Tai Sui (also known as the Grand Duke)" at the same time, a Dragon must pay more attention to interpersonal relationships and be psychologically prepared to face multiple obstacles for each goal you want to accomplish.

Luck score: 3.5/5


The Great Yin Star (太陰星) represents wealth, albeit slow in accumulation, and is also a symbol of female benefactors. If you have female customers or clients, you’re likely to have better results and profits. In terms of investment, it’s easy to get information from female friends and connections, but your wealth is likely to come at a slower pace. It is better to invest with an eye on the medium and long term.

Luck score: 3.5/5


In the Year of the Ox, the Emperor Charm Star (唐符星), which represents power and prestige, is in charge. Therefore, a Dragon’s career development is good, especially for those working in large organisations or uniformed groups like the police or military, who are likely to see a good promotion this year. If your boss or work colleagues are female, it is also beneficial you will be able to accomplish more with less effort.

Luck score: 4/5


For the year of the Ox, single Dragon men are prone to meet older women and are expected to start a new relationship. However, due to the "breaking Tai Sui” of the year, it is better to keep new relationships low-key and not prematurely announced. Joyous events, such as getting married, having kids or buying a new property, will also make a Dragon’s wealth luck more desirable and ideal.

Luck score: 3/5


A Dragon in the Year of the Ox will not face any serious health issues. However, because of the presence of the Knife Star (飛刃凶星), there is a risk of being easily injured by metal or anything with a metal-related element (such as machinery or cars). It is best to avoid all high-risk activities.

Drivers or those whose work involves metal should be extra cautious and mindful, and pay attention to their daily routine, as well as home safety.

Luck score: 3/5

How to get lucky:

Interpersonal relationships are likely to be damaged because of the “breaking Tai Sui”. It is recommended to wear a Rooster-shaped Zodiac bracelet or pendant to stabilise your fortune.

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