Mak Ling Ling's Chinese Zodiac forecast for 2021: The Rooster

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Mak Ling Ling's Chinese Zodiac forecast for 2021: The Rooster
Mak Ling Ling's Chinese Zodiac forecast for 2021: The Rooster

Hong Kong fengshui master Mak Ling Ling is well-known in the territory for her fortune-telling. This Year of the Ox, she shares her forecast on Yahoo for the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

In addition to finding out what the forecast is like for your sign — whether you’re the Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig, or Rat — you can also use your mobile phone to activate the three-dimensional AR effect for your Zodiac animal.

If you’re born in the year of the Rooster, here is Mak’s forecast, in detail, for wealth, career, love and health in 2021.

Yahoo is utilizing AR (augmented reality) technology to give you the Chinese Zodiac forecast. Click on the button below to experience it in 3D. The AR experience can be viewed on both desktop and mobile.


In the Year of the Ox, a group of auspicious stars - the Lu Xun Star (祿勛星), General Star (將星), and Sky Relief star (天解) - will be present. Coupled with the friendly relationship between the Rooster and Ox in the Zodiac, a Rooster’s overall luck will be smoother, especially for career development. However, your health luck will be relatively weak. Be mindful of what you say.

Luck score: 3.5/5


In the Year of the Ox, the relationship between the Rooster and Tai Sui (also known as the Grand Duke) can swing between positive and negative. However, there is the support of the auspicious star Noble Star (貴人星), which is generally beneficial.

That being said, you should only invest in small amounts to test the water. Investing should not involve large amounts of money, and you should quit while you’re ahead. For business people, it can be harder to earn money, and it might be better to save for a rainy day instead.

Luck score: 3/5


The presence of the auspicious Lu Xun Star (祿勛星) and General Star (將星) this year are particularly beneficial to employees.

Promotion and salary increases are expected, and it will also help a Rooster to gain more influence.

Roosters at a management level will have even better luck. However, in the Year of the Ox, it is easy to encounter unreasonable women, and you should be more cautious if you are in frontline sales.

Luck score: 4/5


This year, a Rooster will have reasonable love luck, and men are more likely to encounter women with strong personalities.

However, the Year of the Ox is not a good year for a Rooster to get married due to the presence of the Float and Sink Star (浮沉星), which represents instability.

A new relationship may feel vague and unclear, and you should avoid investing all your feelings into it too early on.

Luck score: 3/5


A Rooster in this Year of the Ox is affected by a group of inauspicious stars - the White Tiger Star (白虎星), Flying Chaste (飞廉星) and Knife Star (血刃星). With the White Tiger star present, a Rooster’s health is more likely to be impacted.

Take extra steps to be wary of water-related accidents, and also be mindful before undergoing surgery.

In addition, a Rooster should consider donating blood or having a dental check-up after Li Chun, offsetting a potentially more serious “loss of blood”, and avoid high-risk activities.

Luck score: 2/5

How to get lucky:

In the Year of the Ox, pay special attention to mental stress. You might consider getting in touch with nature to reduce stress. You can also wear obsidian ornaments to avoid disasters.

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