Malaysian singer Haqiem Rusli slammed for grabbing microphone from show participant

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Malaysian singer Haqiem Rusli has landed himself in hot water once again after snatching the microphone from a participant on a TV game show who was singing one of the artist’s songs.

The incident occured during the debut episode of I Can See Your Voice Malaysia.

During a segment of the show, Rusli – who appears as the show’s guest artist – went onstage during the participant’s performance of his hit song Tergantung Sepi and grabbed the microphone from him, presumably for singing out of tune.

He then sang a few lines from his own song, before handing the microphone back to the participant.

Speaking to Malaysian news website mStar Online, the participant, Syamsul Nordin, said that despite his “discordant voice”, Rusli should have “respected” him and let him finish his performance.

“But I am not angry at him. I am just shocked, and did not expect Haqiem to walk onstage all of a sudden and snatch the microphone away,” Nordin said in Malay.

Rusli’s actions drew the ire of netizens, with some Twitter users slamming the 20-year-old for being “insanely rude” and “not professional”.

One netizen even tweeted in Malay, “My blood boils watching this. I beg you not to invite artists like him please.”

Rusli recently made Malay music industry headlines in June after revealing that he has been suffering from several bouts of “mild depression”.

He has received flak for his recent behaviour, which includes taking up nearly the whole of a radio interview to talk about his depression and latest single – leaving three other musical guests on the show with little airtime.

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