Man assaulted for trying to stop child from urinating in Shanghai’s subway

A Chinese man was attacked after stopping a child from urinating in Shanghai's subway. (Photo courtesy of Weibo)

In another subway peeing incident, a man was assaulted by three people for trying to stop a child from urinating in a train in Shanghai’s subway.
Chinese news site,, reported that the incident happened around 10.30pm on Wednesday.
According to an account of the incident posted by a Weibo user claiming to be the victim’s girlfriend on Thursday, her boyfriend witnessed a child who was about to urinate inside a train. He then told a man accompanying the child it was not the right thing to do, and even offered the child a bottle to pee in.

His advice went unheeded, and after the child finished his business, the victim was set upon by the man accompanying the child.

One punch reportedly broke the victim’s spectacles and dislocated his jaw.
According to the girlfriend, throughout the whole process, the victim didn’t return the punch and only used his arm to cover his own face, trying his best to protect himself.
The other two in the group — one of them a woman -- eventually joined in the assault.
The victim’s girlfriend said the woman not only punched and kicked the victim; she even used her finger nails to scratch him ferociously.
According to, two of the attackers are the parents of the child.
Helpful commuters form ‘human wall’
Despite the assault, the girlfriend was grateful to bystanders who witnessed the incident and began forming a “human wall” to prevent the attackers from getting off the train. She also thanked them for leaving their personal contact information and expressing willingness to testify against the attackers.

The victim’s girlfriend said that the three attackers did not show any remorse when she and her boyfriend lodged a report at a police station.
She added that her boyfriend suffered injuries ranging from scratches to injury to the kidney and having blood in the urine. He also couldn’t close his mouth properly on the day itself.

The girlfriend said the attackers were placed under the custody of the police for ten days – the highest penalty.
This is not the first time that the Chinese were caught behaving badly in Shanghai’s subway. Just a few weeks back, a video showing a man arguing with commuters after his infant urinated on a train in Shanghai went viral on the Internet.

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