Man who pressured girlfriend to take nude photo of her mother jailed 20 weeks

The Singapore State Courts. (PHOTO: Dhany Osman / Yahoo News Singapore)
The Singapore State Courts. (PHOTO: Dhany Osman / Yahoo News Singapore)

SINGAPORE — A man pressured his girlfriend to take obscene photos of her mother, in a case described by the defence as “bizarre and weird”.

He threatened to kill himself or beat his girlfriend if she did not think of ways to "satisfy his sexual desires", according to a report by CNA.

On Thursday (8 September), the man was sentenced to 20 weeks' jail after he pleaded guilty to a count of compelling his ex-girlfriend to commit voyeurism in relation to her mother, and another count of threatening to disseminate obscene images and recordings of his girlfriend. Two other charges were considered for his sentencing. The man cannot be named to protect the identities of the 23-year-old victim and her mother.

The man had been romantically involved with the victim since 2018. During their relationship, the man filmed videos of himself having sex with his girlfriend, with the latter’s consent.

About five times a week, the man pressured his girlfriend to send nude pictures of herself to him. Apart from the threats of killing himself or beating the girlfriend, he also warned her that he would post the nude photos or videos of her online if she refused to give in to his demands. Faced with the man’s threats, the woman obeyed him.

In early 2020, the man told his girlfriend that her obscene images and recordings could no longer "satisfy his sexual desires".

The girlfriend feared that the man would carry out his threats and suggested that he imagine himself having sex with her mother. But the man told her that it was not enough to just imagine and that she had to take obscene photos of her mother.

On one occasion, the girlfriend secretly took a photo of her mother, whose chest was uncovered, after she showered at home. The victim sent the photo to her boyfriend.

The man had also sent obscene photos of his girlfriend to a stranger online by posing as her. He also threatened again to beat her or post obscene photos of her online when she wanted to break up with him.

On another occasion, the man demanded that the girlfriend contact strangers for sex and threatened to publicly show the photo of her mother on social media.

Afraid of the threat, the girlfriend contacted strangers via the mobile application Tinder to ask for sex, and sent her conversations with them to the man.

After the girlfriend reported the incidents to the police on 14 March 2021, the man found out about this and deleted the obscene photos and videos, and related messages with her.

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Yahoo Singapore Telegram

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