Man hurt in collision between cycling groups along Upper Thomson Road

She accuses them of letting 'egos get the better of them', and for failing to stop after the accident

Police are investigating an accident between two cyclists on Sunday morning.
Police are investigating an accident between two cyclists on Sunday morning. (PHOTO: Facebook/Serlina Eng)

SINGAPORE — A male cyclist was hospitalised with a minor brain bleed, following an accident involving two cycling groups along Upper Thomson Road towards Sembawang on Sunday morning (16 April).

Andy Oh, 49, had apparently lost his balance and fell after a group of cyclists collided into him while trying to overtake his group.

His wife Serlina Eng wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday that the accident was due to "crazy cyclists" who "let their egos get the better of them, ignoring the safety of others".

The police told Yahoo Southeast Asia on Wednesday that they are currently investigating the accident between the two groups of cyclists.

"The accident was reported to the police on Sunday at about 6:40am, and the male cyclist who was involved in the accident was conveyed conscious to the hospital," they said.

Man falls and gets injured after being overtaken by a group of cyclists

Video footage from a camera attached to Oh's bicycle was shared in Eng's Facebook post, and showed the moment of the accident.

The footage revealed that a large group of cyclists had overtaken Oh's group, and some of them appeared to be riding too close to one another and to those in Oh's group. Oh lost his balance and crashed after a cyclist moved past him on his right.

The other cyclists in Oh's group stopped at a nearby bus stop to tend to his injuries, while the cyclists in the other group rode off despite screams and shouts from Oh's wife and his group's cyclists.

Eng expressed her disappointment, saying that those cyclists had no regard for the safety of others and failed to stop when they heard the crash, despite being able to hear it loud and clear.

She added that her husband had suspected hip and elbow fractures ruled out, and was being closely monitored for his brain bleed.

In her post, she mentioned that a cyclist from the second group eventually reached out to her.

Since January last year, cyclists are allowed to ride in groups of no larger than five bicycles in a single file, or 10 if cycling two abreast, according to the Transport Ministry.

Similar occurrences have happened

The wife of the hospitalised cyclist informed Yahoo Southeast Asia on Wednesday (19 April) that her husband was still under observation for dizziness and drowsiness.

She stated, "He was supposed to be discharged on Wednesday, but he was still feeling dizzy, drowsy and unsteady and had to remain in the hospital for a few days for observation purposes."

The wife also disclosed that a cyclist from the second group involved in the incident had contacted them to apologise, stating, "My friend posted the incident on Facebook first, and a police report has been filed. The cyclist said that his friends told him about the crash, and he personally reached out."

Furthermore, she expressed her concerns about similar incidents happening in the future.

"We really want to send a message because this is not the first time we've encountered such large groups of cyclists overtaking us and causing me to almost lose my balance. I feel a bit unsteady and scared because these groups overtake at high speeds and overtake each other within that group."

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