Man jailed, caned for molesting sleeping nephew

Wan Ting Koh
Yahoo News Singapore file photo

While his nephew was asleep, a man pulled down the 6-year-old boy’s shorts and molested him.

The 21-year-old man was caught red handed by the boy’s parents who returned home to find him half naked behind their son.

On Friday (9 November), the man was sentenced to three years’ jail and six strokes of the cane on two counts of molesting a person under 14.

He cannot be named to protect the victim’s identity.

The court heard that the man had previously been sentenced to reformative training for molesting a 9-year-old boy in a lift. He was released on e-tagging in March this year but preyed on his nephew less than three months later.

After his release from the reformative training centre, the man moved in with his mother, sister, brother-in-law and their two sons. On 27 May, the boy’s parents left the flat, leaving the man with their two sons. The man’s mother was in another room.

The six-year-old boy lay on a mattress and watched television until he fell asleep. The man then had the desire to touch the boy. He removed the boy’s pants and underwear before molesting the boy for about 20 minutes.

The man then became more aroused. He lowered his own shorts and rubbed the boy with his penis.

When the boy woke, he saw his uncle lying half naked beside him. He also felt his uncle’s genitals poking him.

At this point, the boy’s parents returned and saw the scene. The man immediately stood to adjust his shorts.

The parents confronted the man and later made a police report.

The man was assessed by the Institute of Mental Health and found to be at a high risk of reoffending.

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Goh Yi Ling said that the man abused the trust of his nephew and sister. The victim was also vulnerable as he was asleep and was only six years old.

The DPP asked for three years’ jail and six strokes of the cane.

In mitigation, the man, who was unrepresented, asked for a lenient sentence and apologised to his nephew and sister.

For molesting a person under 14, the man could have been jailed up to five years, and/or fined and/or caned on each charge.

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