Man who molested intellectually disabled woman jailed

Wan Ting Koh
(PHOTO: Getty Images)

A man who molested the 36-year-old intellectually disabled daughter of an acquaintance was sentenced to 22 months’ jail and fined $1,000 on Tuesday (14 August) in the State Courts.

Juma Khan Rasik Khan, 51, pleaded guilty to one count of molest, one count of disorderly behaviour and one count of disturbing the public peace. One count of mischief and another of causing harassment were taken into consideration for his sentencing.

The victim, who cannot be named due to a gag order, has been assessed by the Institute of Mental Health to have an intellectual disability.

According to the prosecution, Juma was aware the victim’s condition when he committed the offence.

On 5 November last year, the victim was sitting at a void deck when Juma asked her to follow him. He then brought her to his home and they entered his room.

After undressing himself, Juma asked the victim to remove her clothes and she complied. He then molested the woman.

After a while, the victim said she wanted to leave. The two got dressed and the woman returned to the void deck where she met her father and his friends. She then revealed what had happened to her.

When Juma returned to the void deck, he was confronted by a group of people, including the victim’s parents.

Juma then called the police and complained that he was being accused of having had sex with the victim. During the call he described the victim as a “friend” who had followed him home and admitted to touching her private parts.

In a separate incident on 9 December 2016, Juma behaved in a disorderly manner by shouting, cursing and raising his arms while advancing towards the occupant of a neighbouring unit.

The dispute arose over a flower pot that Juma felt was encroaching into his cousin’s unit, which is where he was living at the time. Juma ended up kicking and breaking the flower pot.

In the most recent incident on 8 March this year, Juma wrapped a belt around his fist to punch his 46-year-old male drinking companion. Juma had been unhappy with the man for using vulgarities on a woman.

Juma also has a long list of past offences dating back to 1979, including theft, drug-related offences and voluntarily causing hurt.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Grace Chua said that the degree of sexual exploitation had been high, especially in consideration of Juma having had skin-to-skin contact with the victim. Juma had also taken advantage of a victim who was unable to give her consent, given her intellectual disability.

“(Juma) shows a proclivity for violence and a disregard for the law,” said DPP Chua.

In mitigation, Juma, who was not represented, said he had not taken the medication for his schizophrenia and had “AWOL” (absent without official leave) from the Institute of Mental Health at the time of the offences.

“I could not think properly when I committed the offence,” said Juma, without specifying which offence he was referring to.

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