Man seen naked on motorcycle to be assessed for mandatory treatment order

(PHOTO: YouTube/Sean)
(SCREENSHOT: Sean/YouTube)

SINGAPORE — A man who was seen captured in several videos riding on his motorcycle naked in June last year will undergo assessment for a mandatory treatment order.

Yeo Qi Wei, 25, had been labouring under manic episodes of his bipolar affective disorder, his lawyer told the court on Friday (11 March).

A preliminary report produced by the Institute of Mental Health after Yeo’s arrest stated there was a “significant contributory link” between his condition and the offending acts.

Yeo pleaded guilty to one count of trespass and two counts under the Miscellaneous Offences Act for appearing naked in public.

Another five charges, including trying to stop passing cars along Penang Road while unmasked, failing to wear a helmet while riding his motorcycle, and failing to wear a mask at a carpark in Toa Payoh where he appeared naked, will be considered for his sentencing.

A 31-year-old male private hire driver first saw Yeo walking around naked at an open air carpark at Block 212 Lorong 8 Toa Payoh on 10 June last year. The driver was sitting in a car at about 5am when he observed Yeo, clad only in his underwear, through a rearview mirror. Yeo walked towards the driver, removed his underwear and climbed onto the car. He left his underwear on the car.

The witness confronted Yeo, who did not respond. Yeo then clambered off the car and rode off on a motorcycle naked.

Later, another man, 35, left his home at along Choa Chu Kang Avenue 7, and saw Yeo in an adjacent staircase.

He took a lift to the ground floor and told his private hire vehicle driver that he had seen a naked man. The driver told the witness he had seen Yeo earlier riding a motorcycle naked. Yeo’s motorcycle was parked next to the driver's car.

The men decided to look for Yeo and saw him at a second-storey staircase landing of Block 812A. Yeo then left on his motorcycle while the 35-year-old man called the police.

On the same day, the police received eight reports of Yeo being seen naked in public around Singapore. Photos and videos of him also circulated online.

On 9 June last year, a security guard was on duty at Singapore Shopping Centre when he saw Yeo in the building. Yeo, who was fully clothed, claimed that he was going to the fifth floor for a massage, but when the security guard observed him through CCTVs, Yeo was seen at the fourth storey.

The security guard followed him and heard a loud sound. He saw that the door to a co-working space was damaged and found Yeo inside the area, which belonged to Workcentral. Yeo did not respond to the guard, who then called the police.

Yeo had been captured forcing open the door to Workcentral, connecting his laptop to a TV then watching it for a while until the guard arrived.

Yeo did not make any restitution for the damage he cost, which was more than $1,500.

He will return to court for his sentencing on 5 May.

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