Man Sparks Debate After Revealing His Roommate Pays Rent in $1 Bills Every Month: 'Money Is Money'

"It’s just annoying," the Reddit user wrote online of his roommate's rent-paying habit

<p>Getty</p> Dollar bills.


Dollar bills.

Money is money!

Earlier this week, a Reddit user who goes by the username Derna_A_River shared a post on the platform's "Mildly Infuriating" forum, where he revealed that his roommate pays his rent each month with $1 bills.

"My roommate works as a bartender, so he gets loads of $1 bills. He usually keeps the bigger bills, and pays rent with the 1s," the user wrote.

Detailing that he has asked his roommate "various times to please change the bills before paying," Derna_A_River noted that his cohabitator "takes it as a joke."

"At first it kinda was, but now it’s just annoying," he continued, before adding that his roommate is also late in paying his full January rent, only paying $200 of the $500 total as he has an "upcoming birthday trip to Colombia."

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<p>Getty</p> 'Pay Rent!' note on a calendar.


'Pay Rent!' note on a calendar.

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In the comments section, various other Reddit users reacted to the post, with many siding with the roommate.

"Who cares if he paid in $1. Money is money, just make sure it’s all there," one user wrote, defending the roommate, as another said, "He could technically pay you in pennies if the wanted to."

"This is such an odd thing to complain about, he payed [sic] rent. Why does it matter that he used smaller bills? Its all the same total," added one other.

<p>Getty</p> A model house with $1 bills.


A model house with $1 bills.

Many did criticize the roommate, however, for not contributing the full amount to their monthly rent.

"Shorted rent because of an upcoming birthday trip... They're clearly not an adult," wrote one commenter, as another said: "Upcoming trip to Colombia? Might as well write off that 300 and start looking for a new roommate 💀."

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