Manhunt underway for two teenagers who allegedly threatened to shoot up Texas preschool

 (Amarillo Police Department)
(Amarillo Police Department)

A manhunt is underway in Texas for two teenagers accused of a possible threat to preschools.

The two 16-year-olds — Otis Edlund and Quintin Wyrick — ran away Thursday from Lander, Wyoming in a stolen car and are believed to be armed, the Lander Police Department said, according to Cowboy State Daily.

They are believed to be heading towards Texas. Mr Edlund “purportedly texted a friend about shooting up a preschool in Texas and then killing himself,” according to a law enforcement press release obtained by ABC 7 Amarillo.

In a Facebook post on Friday, the Amarillo Police Department released photos of the two teenagers and said they had “been made aware of a threat to preschools”, though there is currently “no direct threat” to the area.

“This particular threat does not mention any particular daycare in the Amarillo area, or in any other city, only citing Texas,” the department said.

The League City Police Department said the threat may be to an “unknown school in League City,” and police presence in the city would be increased until they are located.

Police did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Monday.

The stolen car, a 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle, may belong to one of the teenagers’ family members. In a Facebook post, a woman who said she is Mr Edlund’s aunt reportedly urged the public to keep an eye out for the car.

“This vehicle is extremely difficult to drive on [in] these road conditions,” the woman wrote.

“They will need to fuel up A LOT!” she added. “Please, please keep an eye out on the road, in ditches, gas stations. The families are worried sick.”