Marina Bay is Singapore’s hub of prosperity: fengshui experts

Feng shui experts have called the Marina Bay area a hub of prosperity for Singapore. And as long as the landmarks around it prosper, so will the country.

Master Gwee Kim Woon of Fulu Geomancy Centre told Yahoo! Singapore that the three-tower structure of Marina Bay Sands represent luck, prosperity, longevity ( 褔禄寿三星, he called it in Chinese).

Last month, the subsidiary of Las Vegas Sands posted a record S$1 billion record revenue in Q4 of last year. In the filing, MBS’ hotel occupancy averaged an incredible 98 per cent even at $341 a night.

MBS is flanked on its right by the Singapore Flyer – which symbolises a water wheel that rotates clockwise to usher in positive energy which is contained in the Marina Barrage, said Master Gwee, who has been in the fengshui business for nearly 40 years.

On its left side is the Art Science Museum – a lotus designed structure that “creates stability for revenue growth”.

Directly opposite MBS is the statue of the Merlion, which Gwee says guards bad ‘qi’ (or energy) from entering Singapore and protects the nation’s prosperity. The position of the Merlion itself, he adds, is also “ruled by the Green Dragon which symbolizes increase in population” as it attracts luck and wealth.

In early 2009, months after the global financial crisis hit, the Merlion was ominously struck by lightning, causing a stir among citizens.

Repair on the then-36-year old statue took over two weeks and damaged areas were re-plastered and the structure was assessed to be structurally sound. Professor Liew Ah Choy from the National University of Singapore's faculty of engineering had suggested that a lightning rod be placed on or near the Merlion to prevent future accidents.


Feng shui is a Chinese system of geomancy based on positive energy (or ‘qi’ in Chinese). Five elements areinvolved -- wood, fire, earth, metal and water – each with its unique association to certain colours, materials and symbolism. For example, the colour of the fire element is red, while that of wood are green and aqua-related colours.

Two other feng shui veterans, Master Lee Yuhon of and Master Jo Ching of, agreed with Master Gwee on the importance of Marina Bay as a hub for wealth.

Ching says the reason for the prosperity of Marina Bay is that it forms the “mouth of Singapore”.

“It is a very important feature in the study of landform feng shui as it governs the prosperity of the buildings in its vicinity. Hence, with such a water mouth being created there (due to land reclamation), it enhances the feng shui there, “ he said.

Ching said it’s no surprise a financial hub (Marina Bay Financial Centre) and several other up-market luxury condos such as The Sail and Marina Bay Residences were built around the “water mouth” so that it could contribute to Singapore’s economic growth.

Economic prosperity, but at what cost?

However Lee cautioned that energies cannot be “tapped” wrongly, or else disaster would strike.

For example, he said the Merlion, Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer all had to be “tapped” in the right way.

“The symbol of the Merlion is wisdom, education and reputation,” he said.

“MBS represents competitive strength, and the Singapore Flyer that of authority. Each of their symbolic energy has to be tapped accordingly for best results. If tapped wrongly, competitive strength can turn into aggression, and authority can turn into betrayal,” he said.

While Master John Lok, principal consultant of, agreed that MBS is ideally situated within the prosperity hub, he warned that there is a flip side relative to Singapore’s birth date (八字): economic prosperity at the cost of social unrest.

“This is a good position for promoting tourism, but it is not good for society as it will raise debate and argument among Singaporeans, especially how Marina Bay Sands is operating a gambling business,” Lok said.