Marjorie Taylor Greene Makes Incredibly Worrisome Claim About Speaker Turnover

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) on Thursday ramped up her threat to oust Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.), saying she doesn’t care “if the speaker’s office becomes a revolving door.” (Watch the video below.)

In a rant against foreign military aid for Ukraine that Johnson is trying to get passed, Greene accused the Biden administration of funneling Americans’ “hard-earned money” to other countries.

“We want an America-first economy and, from now on, Steve, we’re going to demand it from our Republican leaders,” the far-right lawmaker told former Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon on his “War Room” podcast.

“I don’t care if the speaker’s office becomes a revolving door,” added Greene, who has filed a motion to ax Johnson from leadership just months after he was chosen by Republicans. “If that’s exactly what needs to happen, then let it be. But the days are over of the old Republican Party that wants to fund foreign wars and murder people in foreign lands, while they stab the American people in their face and refuse to protect Americans.”

Johnson’s job security as speaker appears tenuous.

Republicans in this Congress established a “motion to vacate” rule in which just one lawmaker can initiate a vote to remove the speaker.

Johnson ascended to the gavel after the GOP’s hard-liners used the rule to eventually boot out previous Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) in October.

The repeated failures of the GOP to unite behind a replacement for McCarthy stalled congressional business for weeks and cast a harsh light on Republican in-fighting.

Some lawmakers have encouraged Johnson to tighten the rules on unseating a speaker, amid objections from Greene and others. The speaker said this week he would not try to amend the current “motion to vacate” standard ― even if it could save his post.