Mark Hamill Strikes Back At Trump's Awkward Self-Own With Perfect ‘Star Wars’ Tweak

“Star Wars” legend Mark Hamill poked fun at one particular part of Donald Trump’s speech at the Libertarian Party National Convention.

The presumptive GOP nominee was jeered and booed throughout his address on Saturday, and concluded it with this request: “Don’t allow the worst president in the history of our country to come back and do the final destruction of America.”

Trump was presumably warning of what would happen if President Joe Biden wins the 2024 election and remains in the White House for a second term.

But the warning could equally have applied to Trump himself, given how... well... he was also president.

Hamill, a vocal critic of Trump, thought the former POTUS was his own worst enemy with the comment.

“The Self-Own Is Strong With This One!” he cracked on X (formerly Twitter) in a reworking of one of the most iconic lines from the space opera movie franchise.