Marketing: An Ever Evolving Industry

The marketing industry is fast paced, slightly brutal and can be thought of as a type of strategy game. This is the industry responsible for creative promotion of products and services to the mass or specific target market. It consists of creatives who use all forms of media to promote their products or services to their advantage and by extension, their company’s.

So what can you expect from the Marketing industry now and within the next year or so? Here are a few key changes you can expect.

Digital Marketers Will Be Extinct

There was a time not too long ago that Digital Marketers were a different breed. That will no longer be the case. All Marketers, regardless of seniority are now expected to be well-versed or if not masters in managing all sorts digital marketing campaigns, especially on popular social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. So if you looking to dive into this industry, this is certainly one of the first and most valuable skills to master.

New Methods of Marketing

Social media sites are the new place for Marketers to hangout at. Why do we say that? Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google are hard at work to develop new methods of marketing and by extension, advertising options that are not usually written about on the mainstream news. Take for an example Facebook’s Bluetooth Beacon. This still-in-development technology, taps on Bluetooth technology to track items that the user has previously seen or tried on at a physical shop. After which, pushes advertisements containing these items to them on their Facebook feed.

The Ability To Analyze Everything, And More

We are currently at a point in technology where almost everything done online can be measured. From the time spent on a webpage, to where most visitors are dropping off and even where their pointer hovered the longest. Take for an example the current tools available to track behavior, we have Google Analytics for specific page traffic to Facebook’s Analytics for social media campaigns. These are vital statistics that one could only dream of just a decade ago, but here we are, with these advanced tools which are constantly being refined at our disposa

Moving forward, you can expect more analytical developments, especially on social media platforms and third party tracking software that will be seamlessly integrated with Customer Relationship Management systems.

Original Content Will Be All The Rage

While managing social media is important, the next big development in marketing will be with original content complementing all marketing efforts. An alternate form of soft advertising that drives traffic, engagement and conversions while also boosting your site’s credibility and authority. This then helps optimize your site with search engines. Due to this, we foresee original content’s marriage with Search Engine Optimization having huge growth potentials on all media platforms and consumer behavior.

If you think you have what it takes to be a Marketer, head on over here to explore the myriad of marketing job opportunities now available for you.



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