Why S'pore couples are delaying marriage: survey

Marriage aspirations among Singapore residents remain strong, a survey revealed. (Yahoo! file photo)

About four in five of Singapore residents say they want to get married, a survey on marriage and parenthood shows.
The 83 per cent of the respondents who indicated that in the latest survey released by the National Population and Talent Division (NPTD) is slightly lower than the 85 per cent recorded in the previous survey in 2007.
Among 4,646 respondents surveyed, those who are attached cited reasons such as saving money for housing and wedding to be top reasons for not having immediate plans to register their marriage. Being too young for marriage also came in as a top reason for not marrying.

The survey also found that parenthood aspirations remained strong as 80 per cent of singles expressed a desire to have to have two or more children. This is comparable to 84 per cent in 2007.
Among married respondents, 84 per cent intended to have two or more children in 2012.
Those deciding not to have any or more children gave financial costs and already having enough children as top reasons.

Married respondents also said that paid maternity leave and Baby Bonus Cash Gift would entice them to have children.