Martin Brundle tells off Kylian Mbappe’s bodyguard on Monaco grid: ‘I’m in charge around here!’

Martin Brundle displayed his usual savagery on the pre-race Formula 1 grid by telling Kylian Mbappe’s bodyguard: “I’m in charge around here!”

Sky F1 broadcaster Brundle was trying to interview the France and PSG star on the grid at the Monaco Grand Prix.

However, one of Mbappe’s security guards fended off Brundle, triggering the veteran commentator to launch a rebuttal.

Brundle said: “It’s alright mate, I’m in charge around here!”

Brundle did then manage to speak to Mbappe, saying: “Kylian, Martin Brundle – Sky F1. How you doing? I think he’s happy to talk…

“Kylian, you up for a quick word on Sky. I think you’re fast enough to beat these cars down to the first corner!”

Mbappe replied: “No no, I’m not faster than the cars! I just want to be here like a fan and enjoy the moment.”

Brundle: “Thank you for talking to us and your dear friend here!”

Charles Leclerc ended up winning his home race for the first time as Mbappe waved the chequered flag in the principality.

Sky Sports commentator Brundle, a former F1 driver himself, is known for his amusing and sometimes awkward encounters with drivers and celebrities on the grid before races.

In Brazil last November, Brundle bumped into American rapper Machine Gun Kelly and an odd interview occurred, in which the American rapper fiddled with Brundle’s poppy, asked him to play the air guitar and put his thumb down to the camera at the end.

Brundle also briefly encountered O’Neal in Las Vegas, with the NBA legend simply saying “Lewis Hamilton baby”.

Brundle also endured hilarious encounters with DJ Khaled and Pharrell Williams in Miami in 2022, as well as a slightly frosty exchange with Cara Delevingne at Silverstone last year, in which the model refused to talk to the broadcaster.