Martin Roberts told he had 'hours to live' after heart operation

The Homes Under the Hammer star had heart surgery last year

Martin Roberts reveals how close he came to death. (Getty)
Martin Roberts reveals how close he came to death. (Getty)

Martin Roberts has said doctors told him he had "hours to live" after being rushed to hospital with chest pains last year.

The Homes Under the Hammer star underwent heart surgery after suffering from a build up of fluid in the structure of the heart.

Speaking to The Sun, Roberts detailed the experience: "A year ago, I had a problem with my heart that hadn't been noticed. The sack around my heart had expanded and was putting pressure on the heart. I had less than a few hours to live."

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He added: "Had I not been in the right place… Three weeks earlier I was on the road in a transit van and if it had happened then, I would be dead."

Sheerness, Kent, UK. 26th May, 2021. TV presenter Martin Roberts was spotted filming for the BBC show
Martin Roberts filming Homes Under the Hammer. (Alamy)

Roberts has previously said that he had been suffering from chest pains for a number of weeks but had put off going to the doctor as he thought it was long COVID.

In severe cases, the condition can cause organ failure as it did with Roberts. Appearing on This Morning, he recalled how close he came to death: "By the time they got to me, my kidneys were at 30%, my liver was at 30%, my lungs weren't getting the oxygen and at any point, I could have had a heart attack…

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"The heart would have been strangled by itself. We're talking minutes stroke hours of life left here."

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Martin Roberts is a co-host of Homes Under the Hammer with Dion Dublin and Martel Maxwell. (BBC)

After his health issues, Roberts is now back at work and can be seen soon on E4 reality show The Big Celebrity Detox.

The show will see Roberts and a number of other celebrities go through a series of therapies in order to feel spiritually cleansed.

Other celebrities taking part include Kerry Katona, MMA fighter Michael Page, former Love Island contestant Megan Barton Hanson and Princess Olga Romanoff.

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