Mavix Chair M9 Review With ELEMAX

Mavix Chair M9 Review
Mavix Chair M9 Review

Despite testing many office and gaming chairs over the years, the Mavix Chair M9 has managed to go under my radar. On the bright side, testing this product in 2024 allows me to assess whether or not Mavix’s flagship product can impress in the current market. With competition on all sides, can the M9’s unique set of features impress? Here’s my review.

Sounds good

Mavix Chair M9 Review
Mavix Chair M9 Review

The Mavix M9 spec list sure sounds impressive. Highlights include the gel-infused “M-Foam” seat, “M-Breeze” fabric, “Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL),” “REVOLVE Extended Recline Technology,” and – if you splurge the extra $129 – the “ELEMAX” cooling, heat, and massage unit. The marketing department should be patting themselves on the back with the number of cutting-edge names they’ve come up with here. Honestly, though, I’m interested in cutting through the fluff and seeing how the M9 performs when I actually sit in it.

Comfortable beginnings

Mavix Chair M9 Review
Mavix Chair M9 Review

Happily, I’m a huge fan of the seating experience that the M9 offers. The extra wide 22” seat is accommodating for larger individuals like myself and offers a good amount of padding. Height and lumbar adjustments are crucial in achieving a comfortable and healthy sitting position, and the M9 achieves this well. It’s also great to see the highly adjustable armrests, which are also a key part of achieving ergonomically sound comfort, especially during long hours at a desk.

While I’m not big into reclining back in my office/gaming chairs, the M9 does allow for 127 degrees of tilt. This should be plenty for those looking to sit back and relax with their feet up. However, this range of motion is beaten by newer competition, so if it’s a major factor, then you may want to look elsewhere.

Hot ‘n’ cold

Mavix Chair M9 Review
Mavix Chair M9 Review

Unique to this product, however, is the ELEMAX cooling, heating, and massage unit. This attaches to the base of the backrest and aims to keep users cool. I’ll admit that I was pretty skeptical about this product. Fortunately for Mavix, ELEMAX exceeded my expectations. I’m particularly a fan of the heating function when paired with the higher massage intensity. Would I pay $129 for it? No, but if a sale slashed that price in half, I’d be much happier to part with my cash.

The price is wrong

Mavix Chair M9 Review
Mavix Chair M9 Review

When it comes to the downsides, the M9 doesn’t do too much wrong when looking at the quality of materials, functionality, and overall execution. Adjusting the headrest and backrest can be a little finicky at times, but it’s nowhere near a dealbreaker. The use of plastic in some areas is a little jarring, especially when you factor in the price.

The biggest issue with the Mavix M9 Chair is the price. While the structure looks cool with the M9 costing $999, M7 costing $777, M5 costing $555, and M4 costing $444, I think the flagship is just too expensive for what it is. When you’re at $1,000, the competition becomes fierce and I think better-known businesses become the focus. The likes of Herman Miller and Steelcase enter the fray. As for gaming chairs, Secretlab and AndaSeat become obvious recommendations.

Final Verdict

At $999 without ELEMAX and $1128 with it, the Mavix M9 Chair is tough to recommend when it’s not on sale. While the product itself is a quality product that delivers comfort over long game and work sessions, the price doesn’t feel anywhere near justified and is tough to look past. However, should Mavix slash the price in the future, then I’d be much more inclined to point people towards the M9, especially if ELEMAX also received a price drop.

Positives and Negatives

  • Comfortable.

  • Considered ergonomics.

  • ELEMAX is surprisingly good.

  • Good range of adjustability.

  • High price point.

  • Stiff competition may offer better choices.


Disclosure: Review sample provided by Mavix.

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