Maya Hawke releases new single ahead of her third album

Maya Hawke has released a new song called “Hang In There,” an “elegantly delicate track” from her upcoming album, “Chaos Angel.”

Hawke worked with longtime collaborators Christian Lee Huston, Benjamin Lazar Davis and Will Graefe on the album. The new music is billed as a “meditative album about falling in love, f***ing it up, and getting back up again.”

“Chaos Angel” will be released on May 31.

It’s Hawke’s third studio album and follows the success of her sophomore work, “Moss.”

The new single, “Hang In There,” Hawke sings about offering support to a friend going through a difficult time in the midst of a toxic relationship. The lyric video is also out Wednesday.

Hawke explained the idea of the song in a statement, saying, “The idea of ‘Hang in There’ is when you have someone close to you, who’s going through something awful that you’ve been through earlier in your life, and you know that you can’t interfere because they’ll probably isolate themselves from you.”

She continued, “So you have to just watch as they get really hurt. Until they have that moment where they realize they’ve been in a toxic situation all along. Then they come to you, and together, you help them emerge from it. It’s a moment of real happiness when you can witness the pieces all click into place.”

The album will feature ten songs, that catalog “upheavals, revelations, foibles, and broken promises, all while navigating the patterns we repeat while growing older, wandering astray, and finding our way back to some core understanding of ourselves.”

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