Maya Rudolph calls her self an 'old-fashioned person'

Maya Rudolph is doing her best to stay true to herself in an ever-changing world.

The ‘Loot’ actress – who has Pearl, 18, Lucille, 14, Jack, 12, and 10-year-old Minnie with husband Paul Thomas Anderson – is a self-professed “old-fashioned person” and doesn’t want to fall into an obsession with her phone and using social media but is also keen to stay “relevant”.

She told HELLO! magazine: “I don’t really feel like someone who has changed all that much,

“I feel as though the world has been changing rapidly so I’m trying hard not to fall prey to the little things.

“There’s so much social media and I try not to read stuff. So no, I haven’t changed…

“I guess what I’m saying is that I feel as though stuff is happening really fast.

“And I don’t love it. I’m a pretty old-fashioned person.

“So I’m trying to be relevant and keep up and speak the same language without giving up my own values, which is trying to look people in the eye more than looking at my phone.”

In ‘Loot’, Maya plays Molly Novak, the former wife of a tech billionaire, and though she has fun with the show, she admitted it has been “hard” because she doesn’t know anyone who is truly super rich so has had to base the character on perceptions of the mega-wealthy.

She said: “I’m nothing like this character.

“My comedy background is about seeing everything in a world. So we’re not telling anybody’s personal story, but getting inspired by these real stories and then just creating a fun world from that.

“It’s hard because none of us truly know what these people’s lives are like – the world of the ultra-rich billionaires is a mystery – but we all like to pretend and be part of the fantasy of what that might look like, because it’s fun to see how rich people live.

“Everybody wants to see the inside of the mansion, you know?”