Maya Rudolph Returns to ‘SNL’ for Her 2nd Beyoncé Doing ‘Hot Ones’ Sketch: ‘My Bones Are Still on Fire’ | Video

Maya Rudolph returned to “Saturday Night Live” as Beyoncé on the YouTube series “Hot Ones” Saturday night, a sequel to Rudolph portraying Beyoncé on “Hot Ones” back in 2021. While sitting opposite Mikey Day’s portrayal of “Hot Ones” host Sean Evans, this week’s host made it clear that things weren’t going well. At one point, she explained that “my bones are still on fire” and called for her assistant, played by Kenan Thompson.

“Come here,” she told Thompson. “I need you to go on Google and search, ‘Is it possible to take someone’s bones out their body, replace them with bones that are on fire?'” Thompson dutifully replied, “I’ll look into it, B.”

The premise of “Hot Ones” is that Evans interviews celebrities as they battle their way through a platter of increasingly devastating wings and sauces. It’s rarely easy, something Rudolph’s Beyoncé illustrated over and over again, despite the singer’s self-described boast of carrying hot sauce in her bag.

After Day introduced the next set of wings, he attempted to ask, “All right, so ‘Cowboy Carter’ is part of a three-album trilogy—” before Rudolph interjected, “You need to shut your Charlie Brown-looking ass for a minute and you need to listen to me.”

“Beyoncé about to do something very human,” she continued, “so I need you to blur my face in 3, 2, 1.” As her face blurred out, Rudolph released an enormous belch.

Rudolph’s Beyoncé attempted to bounce back and even told Day she was OK before deciding that she, in fact, was not OK. She picked up his glass of milk, tossed it in his face, and said, “You need to kill yourself, Gollum. That’s what you get for giving the world’s baddest b–h swamp ass on YouTube.”

She then called for Thompson again and insisted he splash her face with $6,000 cocoa lotion — at which point she opened her mouth and ingested an immense amount of lotion. When that didn’t work, she concluded that it’s possible “this janky hot wing show” might just be “the one thing Beyoncé cannot do.” The segment wrapped up with her sending her assistant in to use a Men In Black-style neuralyzer to erase Evans’ memory and make him forget Beyoncé was ever there.

Rudolph took her first run at playing Beyoncé on “Hot Ones” in 2021 — you can watch that previous sketch here:

Watch the newest Beyoncé on “Hot Ones” sketch in the video at the top of this story.

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