16 People Who Went Overboard With Revenge And Now Deeply Regret How Much They Hurt The Other Person

Reddit user u/OvertOperation asked people, "What revenge of yours hit the victim way worse than you thought it would, to the point you said, 'Maybe I shouldn't have done that.'?" Here are some of the most eye-opening regrets:

1."A guy outed me out to my family and caused a huge controversy and fight. As revenge, I introduced him to this girl I knew at a party because I knew she had herpes. As planned, they hooked up. Later I found out that not only did he get herpes from her, but he also knocked her up."


2."I had a really bad teacher in middle school. Like, he would skip over most of the lesson and then tell all of us how dumb we were for not having a clue how to complete the assignment. He was unnecessarily mean, wouldn't answer questions about what he was teaching, and also was really creepy around the girls. I don't really remember what the final straw was, but we decided to fuck his truck up one day. We got a funnel and dumped a shitload of sugar in his gas tank. What we didn't know was his wife was pregnant with their second child, and the financial burden of buying a replacement vehicle on a teacher's salary caused them to lose their home."


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3."My boss was an asshole, so I slept with his wife. He found out, fired me, and divorced her."

4."I'm still mad at myself for this. When I was a preteen, my friend and I went to one of those day camps that picked us up in yellow school buses. One of the other kids on our bus was a younger boy — I'll refer to as Eli. Eli was a fucking terror. He would scream and spit and hump things, make a mess, and be as annoying and insufferable as possible. Riding the bus with him was a nightmare for everyone involved most of the time. So I came up with this idea. I found his family in the phone book and called up, pretending to be a camp counselor. I told his mom that he was misbehaving on the bus and that he would either be disciplined or kicked out of the camp if he didn't stop. She bought it and said she would talk to him about it. I felt so fucking smart...until the next day, when a quiet, sullen Eli showed up with a black eye."


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5."A neighbor lady was mean to me, so I went into the laundry room after her and shit on her clothes in the washer."


6."I had a roommate who stole food, so my two other roommates and I made brownies with chocolate Ex-Lax. I very clearly told her NOT to eat them. They were for something at school. Four of them disappeared the night she and our other roommate had a midterm. According to the other roommate, she was white as a sheet, barely made it through the exam, and didn’t come back for the second half of class."


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7."My friends and I used to pull a lot of pranks on each other growing up, and about 10 years ago, I was helping my buddy set up a new business. He was ordering business cards, and you got 500 or so free with a large order, so we decided to prank our other friend. We made business cards with his name, phone number, and home address and had his job title as 'Professional Creep' with the slogan: 'If I'm creepin', you ain't sleepin'.' We passed these cards out all over town. He was getting really harassing phone calls for a while and couldn't figure out why. After about two years, he found one of the cards on a random fridge at a party and put two and two together. He was pissed and is still getting random calls 10 years later. I feel really bad about that one."


8."Idk what it was, but a lot of the boys in my sixth-grade class thought it was hilarious to try and trip people. They’d get you no matter how careful you were. Well I was pretty good at avoiding it, but when I was in gym class, this kid named Joey tripped me badly. I was dribbling down the court and he nailed me. I face-planted hard. So I decided to get him back at lunch. He was holding a lunch tray, when I tripped him. He nailed a table and lost a tooth. I got suspended for 10 days, and a strict no-tripping policy was implemented. Shit sucked. Sorry, Joey."


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9."When I was in fifth grade, my teacher gave out a shit ton of homework one day, so I got the whole class to help me write a letter to the principal. She found out and cried. I felt really horrible because she was just trying to get us ready for a test coming up...I still feel really bad every time I think about it."


10."I had a roommate who basically let his new girlfriend move into our house in college. She helped herself to everything in the house but never contributed. One day, she parked in my parking spot, and that was my breaking point. I let all the air out of all of her tires, thinking she'd just air them back up and it would be an inconvenience. Instead, she ended up buying all new tires. Whoops. Never came clean about it."


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11."Back in middle school, a friend of mine threw a small wadded piece of paper at me. I retaliated by throwing the only thing I could find, which was mud on my shoes — and smacked him right in the face with it. The worst part was, it turned out to be dog shit. I still vividly remember his angry, 'WTF man? I throw paper at you and you throw dog shit?'"

12."When I was 15, some guy in class, for no reason, began to say: 'HAHA your bald father...' which I followed up with: 'HAHA your bald mother.' He started crying and ran to the teacher. I honestly forgot his mom had cancer and was getting chemo."


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13."I once got into a verbal fight with a classmate. After throwing some insults, I decided to punch them in the chest. The punch ended up fracturing their ribs, and they had to be hospitalized to recover. The damages were bad. I have never been more scared than during those weeks they laid hospitalized."


14."I was dating this girl, and my friend saw her around town a few times and humiliated her in an effort to embarrass me. I told him to stop bothering her, but he did it again. That night I convinced him to try getting back together with his wild and manipulative ex that he hadn't spoken to in years (thinking that he would just humiliate himself by trying). Well, they banged and got back together for a while... and had a baby. Now they're terrible single parents."


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15."When my ex-husband left me for another woman, I rubbed his pillowcases on my bootyhole before he picked up his stuff, and he got a terrible case of pinkeye that lasted for two weeks and required antibiotics. I felt a small twinge of guilt."


16."My older brother was always quite horrible to me as a child, and my parents never really did much about it; he was also much bigger than me, so I couldn’t retaliate in a physical way. One day I had just had enough. He had been playing the video game Rome Total War for a good six hours a day for about three weeks. I started a new game and overwrote his save file. Never seen fury like it. I regretted it at the time cause he was so angry it scared me, and it made him dislike me even more, but now I praise my 13-year-old self for hitting him where it clearly hurt most."

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Note: Some entries may have been edited for length/clarity.